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Donate! Coalition of Nebraskans Against Gun Violence is a 501c3.

Welcome to Nebraskans Against Gun Violence. We are Nebraska’s only grassroots organization devoted to eliminating gun violence.

Our Principles

  1. Your voice is vital. The gun control movement needs to hear from the diverse range of people who want change in our country. We want to equip you with the tools you need to make your voice heard, whether it’s information about current gun laws, upcoming gun legislation, how to testify at the legislature, how to write a letter to the editor, or how to organize an event.
  2. Gun control should be a big tent. If we are going to make this country better, we have to work together and find solidarity. We don’t need to agree on other issues or even what our ideal gun laws might be. The movement needs everyone from gun owners who believe in safe storage laws and mandatory training to folks who want a sweeping overhaul of gun policy. We just need to move forward together. We think of gun control like a train to a better America–some of us might only ride to the first stop and some of us might want to stay on until the end of the line, but the important thing is that we get moving together.
  3. Gun control must “punch up.” We focus on policies that hold the gun industry accountable and heighten responsibility for people who choose to introduce guns into their homes and communities. Those who profit most from guns should bear most of the legal and financial burden of gun violence. We do not support policies that dump the burden of gun violence on minoritized communities.

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